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Get ‘Fertility Fit’ – Health and wellbeing can impact on fertility.  


Having a child involves an amazing series of events that each involve a physical process. From the production of the egg to the development of the sperm, right through to the birth of a child, the human body carries out a number of actions that are necessary for the reproduction.

These are physical processes. They require interaction of almost every part of your body, and therefore your general health and wellbeing can make a significant difference when you are trying to have a baby.

There are a number of factors that are well known in affecting fertility.

  • Age,
  • Alcohol,
  • Smoking
  • Diet

All have an impact on your health whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, and make a difference to both male and female partners.

Age cannot be changed, but the other three can be affected by your decisions, and it is advised to take what you put into your system very seriously if wanting to have a baby.


Being either under or overweight can affect the production of hormones, so working towards your advised, ideal weight makes a difference.

A healthy diet, with the addition vitamin supplements and folic acid will improve your overall health and will help when you get pregnant too. During a consultation at Origin Fertility we can inform you of the most beneficial vitamin supplements to take to maximise your health & fertility.


Drinking sensibly, which is one to two units per week for a woman and four units for a man means that alcohol will not have a significant impact on your fertility.

In fact many experts in Fertility will advise abstinence from alcohol.


This is a stressful time for both you and your partner, however research has shown that stress has a negative impact on your ability to become pregnant.  The actual stress of trying to conceive can in itself accentuate the problem.  At the initial consultation evaluating stress levels is an important part of the assessment.  Expert advice on dealing with & managing this stress is an integral part of the Fertility Process, including relaxation techniques.

Too much caffeine   can have a negative effect on the production of oestrogen, and so moderation is advised.

Moderation in all things including aerobic exercise is a good yardstick. While your first thought might be to exercise, overdoing it can be detrimental to ovulation and hormone production.  The phrase ‘the miracle of life’ is core to understanding how important your health and wellbeing are to becoming pregnant. Taking care of yourself also prepares you if you have a child, as having a baby needs a lot of energy too. Making some life decisions will help you in both the short and long term of parenting.

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