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In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

IVF is fertilisation outside the body and involves combining eggs with sperm in a culture dish... ‘in vitro’ literally means ‘in glass.’

Cost for IVF treatment (first):

£2,875 approx

Price shown excludes drugs. See our full fee schedule.

Next Steps for IVF treatment:

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When would you need In-Vitro Fertilisation?

IVF may be suitable for patients who have:

What does the IVF process involve? (tap/click title to read more)


Egg Production

The woman is prescribed fertility drugs to encourage the ovaries to produce more eggs than usual in a normal monthly cycle. This is usually a daily injection that the woman is required to take. The woman will be monitored carefully by our clinical team through regular ultrasound scans. Once the follicles around the eggs have grown to a required size a final injection is administered to help the ripening of the egg.


Egg Collection

The eggs are collected under mild sedation and involves a fine hollow needle being passed by ultrasound guidance via the vagina. Eggs are placed into an incubator.


Sperm Sample

On the same day the male partner is asked to produce a sample of sperm. This will be performed in our sperm production room. The most motile sperm are selected.


Insemination of Sperm and Eggs

The sperm sample together with the eggs are prepared and placed together in a special medium. They are kept in an incubator and examined the following day to see if they have fertilised.


Embryo Transfer

If embryos (fertilised eggs) have developed they can then be transferred into your uterus. This procedure does not require sedation. The embryos can then begin growing as a normal pregnancy.


Pregnancy Test

The final stage is then to take a pregnancy test approximately two weeks later.

Supporting you through In-Vitro Fertilisation treatment

At Origin our team of professionals will be with you at every stage of the process and will explain any queries or concerns you may have. We aim to make the IVF process as simple and pain free as possible for you as we understand and appreciate that this is a stressful time. For some patients, one cycle of IVF works first time, for other they may need to have multiple cycles. To support you in this journey we offer complimentary counselling with our fertility counsellor – Patricia McCrystal

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