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Private Antenatal Care

At 3fivetwo Healthcare, our aim is to enable expectant mothers to have a positive, reassuring pregnancy and birthing experience. We are committed to promoting an environment of medical excellence, informed choice and superior care throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.

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Ultrasound Scans

At 3fivetwo Healthcare we offer a comprehensive range of Ultrasound scans as standalone appointments or as part of your Antenatal Care Package. Ultrasound scans are performed for various reasons, ranging from confirming a pregnancy, to reassuring you that your baby appears to have no gross structural or growth abnormalities.

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Harmony Prenatal Test

3fivetwo Healthcare is delighted to be the first in Ireland to offer the Harmony Prenatal Test. This service is now available to every pregnant woman with a singleton pregnancy* who wants a safe, reliable, early and accurate test to verify that their baby has normal chromosomes.

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Group B Strep Test

Group B Strep is a bacterium that can be carried by women in the rectum or vagina. There are usually no symptoms or harmful effects for a carrier, until she is pregnant, when there may a significant risk of infecting her new born baby, which can be fatal.

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Nuchal Scan

At 3fivetwo Healthcare we understand that the health of your unborn baby is one of the most important things during your pregnancy. With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of prenatal tests and scans to give you and your partner peace of mind throughout your journey.

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4D Ultrasound Scan

Capture the miracle of your baby’s development with a 4D Scan at 3fivetwo Healthcare. Our 4D ultrasound technology enables you to see your baby smile, yawn, stretch, kick and sleep in real time.

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Newborn babies are not just small adults. A medical problem can mean a special challenge for their tiny bodies. Sometimes babies are born before their bodies are ready to leave the womb. Important organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, and skin may not be mature enough to function without special help.

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At 3fivetwo Healthcare we believe that the health and well-being of every child is paramount. Our comprehensive range of Paediatric services cover a variety of specialties involving consultations, diagnostics and surgery.

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Pre/Post-Pregnancy Procedures

A woman's body can be changed substantially by the childbearing and breastfeeding process. For some women, these changes can lead to a loss of confidence and it is often difficult for them to regain their former shape and weight.


Gynaecology Services

Following your pregnancy it is not unusual to experience some gynaecological changes. 3fivetwo Healthcare work in partnership with Kingsbridge Private Hospital to provide a comprehensive range of gynaecology services to include consultations, screening, investigations and surgery, to meet the needs of women of all ages.

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Health Insurance for all the family

H3 Insurance is Northern Ireland's first local health insurance provider. We're a local company with a local perspective but world-class expertise in providing unique, value adding health insurance plans.

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Dental Care for you and your baby

Women can often experience dental problems during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. During this period it is imperative to have more dental check-ups and a regime of frequent hygiene visits is essential.


Paediatric Basic Life Support

In the event of an emergency, would you know what to do? Basic life support skills could make a real difference to your child in the event of an emergency.

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