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Getting to your first fertility treatment doctor consultation (click/tap to read more)


Make an appointment

At Origin we do not require a referral letter from your GP/Consultant. So you can make an appointment directly by calling the clinic on or . However, if your GP/Consultant has referred you we will require a referral letter.


Your first fertility doctor consultation

At this consultation we will look at the medical and fertility history of both partners. The female partners may require a scan and in some cases the male partners may also be examined. This scan and the test results may help to identify the underlying problem and provide firm guidelines as to the most appropriate treatment, although this is not always the case. At this appointment the female partners will usually have an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test and the male partners will have a Semen Analysis, if appropriate. In all cases your first visit will result in a formal assessment, as required by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA). This will enable us to recommend appropriate tests and treatments, define the nature of that treatment and its cost. We will also give you our opinion of the likelihood of success and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before commencing treatment

Starting fertility treatment (click/tap to read more)


Review or planning appointment

If necessary you will come back for a review appointment with the consultant. However if you are ready to proceed to treatment you will you will have a planning appointment with one of the fertility specialist nurses. At your planning appointment you can expect further explanation of your treatment, along with the planning of dates for your treatment and an explanation of your medication. You will also be given general lifestyle advice at this appointment.


Fertility treatment begins

Fertility treatment is tailored to meet the individuals’ requirement and you will have already received a full explanation of your treatment by this stage. Throughout your treatment you can expect that you will be closely monitored through the use of scans and blood tests. Support is provided throughout treatment through our 24hour on-call nursing team.


Making use of our free counselling service

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act (1991) recommends that counselling should be available to all patients undergoing fertility treatment. In line with this, Origin offers a confidential, independent counselling service to all patients before, during or after treatment. At Origin, counselling is purely voluntary, and those attending show that they are willing to explore stressful and difficult thoughts and feelings to help them get through painful times. The service is intended to for the wellbeing and reassurance of our patients and is free of charge. All of this will be explained in detail at your first appointment or by telephone if you prefer.


Pregnancy and after-care support

Our aim at Origin is to help you achieve a successful pregnancy and we really hope that this will be the outcome. We believe strongly that the relationship should not end with our patients here, and as a small gesture to wish you the very best for your pregnancy and as part of our on-going commitment to provide our patients with excellence in fertility care and pregnancy aftercare, we provide you with a pregnancy gift box in cooporation with our owners, 3fivetwo Healthcare.

We have also put together a Patient Information Pack that outlines and answers some common questions about infertility and our services. Download our Patient Info Pack.

We respect the rights of our patients and we are always happy to receive both positive and negative feedback. If for any reason you find any part of your treatment journey unsatisfactory, we have a dedicated complaints procedure to deal with it. So you can be assured of our upmost care and attention throughout this difficult process.

Why undertake Fertility Treatment at Origin?

Origin’s success rates are monitored and regulated by the HFEA

You can have treatment as soon as you are readyNo Waiting Lists

24/7 nurse on-call service for emergency questions or concernsEmergency Support

Using new technologies, we continually strive to improveSuccess Rates

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