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Extended Semen Analysis (ESA)

Our Extended Semen Analysis combines our expertise at Origin Fertility Care and detailed analysis using the Sperm Comet® test to assess the damage to the sperm cell DNA.

Cost for Extended Semen Analysis:


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When would men need a Semen Analysis?

All male patients who want to commence treatment with Origin must have a Semen Analysis as this is an initial investigation test. Also if the male is experiencing problems during intercourse for example, inability to ejaculate or sustain an erection.

Semen samples should be analysed following 4 days of sexual abstinence but no longer than 6 days please remember this when booking your appointment

What does the Semen Analysis process involve?

How do I arrange a Semen Analysis Test at Origin?

The semen analysis can be booked over the phone or. Soon we will offer an online booking service and if you decide to use this method to book your appointment the semen analysis must be paid for in advance by credit/debit card.

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